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Welcome to Mystic Pearl - Massage and Holistic Therapies

Mystic Pearl by Arco Iris has dedicated 20 years to helping individuals achieve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through a holistic approach using Bodywork and Energy Work.
We have over sixty 5-Star Google Reviews.

As a Certified Senior Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Grandmaster, Filomena brings to the treatment table a deeply intuitive approach to her work.  Apprenticing at Arco Iris has expanded her knowledge, helped her hone her techniques and  awarded her rave reviews.  
Arco Iris has now focused on Shamanic Energy Techniques and  Priestly Practices.

Having studied diverse massage techniques and energy-based healing both locally and abroad, her treatments are well-sought after for their diversity, uniqueness and effectiveness.

This allows her to specifically tailor her holistic based therapeutic approach to meet each client’s exclusive treatment requirements. Filomena is a force of nature as she continues to train and expand her knowledge and build an experienced-based service for all of her clients. 

Filomena prides herself on always providing a customized and thoroughly unique, relaxing, and totally restorative experience!

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