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Space Energy Cleansing and Why It's Important

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The spring Equinox arrives on March 20th, as it does every year in the Northern Hemisphere.  The distinct change in energies is unmistakeable. We are moving from an internal quieter state - typical of the winter season, to an external and more dynamic state - distinctive of spring.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are experiencing earlier sunrises, later sunsets, softer winds, and sprouting plants - in some cases right up through the snow.  Like the season shakes up the earth beneath us to clean things up and sprout new life, we can do the same to clear all the clutter  and stagnant energy that surrounds us.  Spring encourages us to remove and release stagnant energies trapped over the long winter months in our bodies and in our homes.   This post will focus on cleansing the physical space in which we live or work.  Stay tuned for the post on Cleansing our Energetic Body.

What is Space Cleansing

Most people relate "cleansing a space" with spring cleaning with buckets and mops to clear the cobwebs in your garage, wash windows and de-clutter closets.  In this article, we are referring to the process of ritualistically cleansing the "energetic space" where we live or work. In this context, energy will be considered as a vibration or waves of energy.  The physical world is not inanimate, it is in fact, a pulsating soup of energy frequencies which can accumulate, become stagnant and trapped in areas of our living or working spaces and ultimately affecting our own energy and mood.

The History of Space Cleansing

The ritual of space cleansing has been used for millennia across every culture and religious group in the context of worship, initiations, celebrations, healings, and other special gatherings. The tools, the symbols and the materials used during cleansing rituals will differ between cultures and religions, but the intent to clear, clean or cultivate a sacred space is the same.

One of the earliest records of using ceremonial space cleansing rituals can be traced to ancient Egyptians.  Learn more about the history of the ancient art of smoke ceremonies.

Reasons Why You Need Space Cleansing in Your Home

An energy cleansing of your home can be helpful when:

  • You are having difficulty in some area of your life, and you need clarity or the releasing of things that are blocking you
  • You have had unsettling incidents occur in your living space
  • You are moving into a new home, or your home is not selling on the real estate market
  • There is a change of season, and you want to re-invigorate your living space.  For example, releasing the heavy energies of winter and inviting the lighter spring energies into your home
  • You are going through a transition like starting a new job, or ending a relationship
  • You are beginning a new life cycle such as entering motherhood, fatherhood, retirement, menopause, empty nest syndrome, etc.
  • You are beginning a new project like starting a new business venture
  • A family member has been very ill or died in your home
  • You regularly purchase used items at thrift shops or collect antiques
  • You have a healing practice or other business and receive clients in your home-based office or clinic.

Three Simple Space Cleansing Steps

Space cleansing can be very simple or elaborate. The best way to begin a new habit is to keep it simple. Here are 3 simple steps that you can follow to get started today.

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Step 1. Clarity

Set a clear intention.  Take a moment to reflect and figure out what you truly need to release.  Brainstorm on a piece of paper, journal or share with a friend. Use the list above as a guideline.  Once you have created your list, choose your objective. For example: you have reached a stalemate in your divorce proceedings and feel that "cutting energetic cords" with your ex-spouse will expedite the end. Rewrite your objective with a positive spin and in the present moment as though it has already happened: "I am grateful now that my divorce from _________ is finalized and that our issues (you can write what they are) have been resolved for the greater good of all".  Since the publication of "The Secret" in  2006, the world has learned more about the power of affirmations and positivity helping us manifest our dreams and desires.  It works on the basis of physics - like attracts like.

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Step 2. Prepare a sacred space

Prepare your body and your space to set your intentions into motion. Take a shower or a bth with Epsom Salt and imagine the water cleansing your body of any unwanted energy and watch it go down the drain. Wear clean, comfortable light coloured clothing Give your space a good sweep or vacuum, and tidying up. It's the perfect time to declutter.  Prepare a 'sacred altar'. It can be as simple as clearing and cleaning a table and lighting a candle at the center of it. If you have sacred objects like talisman or crystals, wash them and place them near the candle.

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Step 3: Set & Manifest your intention

First, create calmness within, Sit quietly in front of your "altar" with your written intentions in hand. Ground yourself by ensuring your feet are flat on the floor. Take 5-10 deep belly breaths to calm your nervous system.  Focus your attention on the flickering candle, for about 2 minutes.  This will help to clear your mind. You should feel relaxed, calm and grounded.  If you are still distracted, repeat this procedure.

Second, cleanse your space by using imagery. When you have achieved a calm breathing pace, imagine walking through every room in your house or office. and cleaning every corner, every wall, every ceiling and floor. Once you have swept through the entire space using this imagery exercise, stand up from your 'altar' and open wide a few exit points such as windows and doors and invite the heavy energies to leave. You can recite a little prayer such as: "Bless and cleanse this home (office).  Drive away all harm and fear. Only good can enter here" Close the exits.

Third, with your clear intention written in hand, sit at your 'altar', take 5 to 10 deep belly breaths, ground your feet, and focus your attention on the flickering candle for about 2 minutes. You should feel calm, relaxed and grounded.  Then, recite your intention out loud or quietly.  Recite as many times as you feel it necessary - trust your intuition.  Burn the piece of paper with your intentions and then blow out the candle. Your ceremony is now closed. 

Expect your intentions, desires, dreams and wishes as you expressed them to manifest in the very near future. 

There are several ways to cleanse and bless a space including singing bowls, rattles, incense burning and chanting. Additionally, rituals performed on the new moon to invite new energy in and on a full moon to release stagnant or heavy energy are equally powerful.  

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