Thursday, April 14, 2022

Crystal Therapy Explained

Mystic Pearl Massage & Holistic Therapies makes available some very unique services that focus on moving stagnant energies in and around our bodies to restore balance and improve health.  It is all about cleansing, re-activating, and re-balancing energy so that the physical body will have an easier time to heal when using massage, physical therapy and other conventional techniques.  One of these services is Crystal Therapy.

Ancient Knowledge Still Used Today  

Based on knowledge and documented history passed down through generations of healers and mystics over many millennia,  the properties and benefits from specific stones harvested from the earth are natural healers.  Through ancient scripts, we have learned that stones, or crystals each have unique properties that specifically resonate with certain body parts and systems, certain intentions and prayers. This what is meant when they say "we are all connected". 

Sometimes we choose a crystal because its colour calls to us to touch it or pick it up. Other times, the texture whether it be a smooth tumble stone or sphere, or a matrix with part of the rock it was attached to still intact, is preferred.  Our intuition is at play here when we instinctively and without thought react to a certain object.  This is something to consider as your body's energy is saying, "this is for you". 

Energy - Vibrations - Frequencies?  

Every tissue, organ and cell in our body vibrate at a  certain frequency.  When there is illness or pain, most often an energy healer can determine that its source is from years of emotional stress, negative thinking, hopelessness, and so much more.  Years of conventional methods may not have yielded results and you ask yourself "why".  The energy in the body part that aches most is considered to be worn down by the energetic imbalance.  So, this balance can be restored by matching a crystal's frequency to the body part that requires the healing.

Going Deep to Get to the Source!  

Once we understand that crystals vibrate at a certain frequency as well, we can then create a "match".  Although you may not feel their vibration - as this is what is called 'subtle energy', their effects can be felt at the cellular level in our bodies and in our environment (as is experienced in Space Energy Cleansing).  When you choose a crystal, know that it has also chosen you. There are no coincidences, only like-energy reacting to like-energy.

Measuring the Vibration  

In a healing session, the practitioner who is well versed in energy therapies can easily pick up on the status of your personal energy. It will include the state of your aura and the 'energy wheels' or chakras that spread from over our head to past our feet. Typically, during a session, only the 7 major chakras are worked on.  The chakras each have a colour and resonate to the crystals that match their frequency.  The crystals then serves as a "tuner" to re-establish the proper frequency if it is out of balance.  A side note:  Crystals like clear quartz are considered master crystals and work on all chakras, and all issues by simply placing on it the required intention.

Is Crystal Therapy for you?  

Are you considered someone who is very sensitive to the energies created by clutter, negative thinking, arguments, stress, anxiety, the job, the boss, the friend, the co-worker and so on? 

Do you feel agitated and experience a headache coming on soon after an argument or stressful commute home from work?

Does it take less than a minute for you to react to something you find disturbing?

Do you find it difficult to get back to a neutral state after an argument or stressful situation? 

Do you wish you could be less affected about what goes on around you and just go with the flow?  

Do you have pain in your shoulder, hip, ankle, knee, back that despite all your efforts to heal, the pain returns?

Listen to Your Body  

These are indicators that your energy centers, or chakras are not vibrating at the correct frequency or are 'blocked'. It is your body telling you that it needs additional support for other therapies your are using. Energy therapies are intended to complement conventional medicine and therapies, not to replace them.  It is important then, to remove the stagnant and low vibing energy that has been piling up over the years - or perhaps your lifetime, has blocked the flow of 'chi' (life force energy) and has now has manifested into illness or pain. Rebalancing the natural healthy frequencies in our body will help us 
achieve and maintain physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Given that all things are energy, resonate at different frequencies, and have a threshold that measures when it is out of balance - which manifests as pain or various degrees of discomfort, it is then accurate to say that in order for our body to be healthy physically, our emotions, our thoughts, and our energies must be balanced.

How is the energetic balance achieved? 

The crystal therapist, using the laws of physics that all things contain energy and like attracts like, will determine where the imbalances are by intuition or pendulum dowsing, and place the crystal with specific properties and vibration that matches a healthy cell in that area of the body, and lets the energy in that part of the body recalibrate. They will move along to all the seven chakras from the crown of your head to the base of your spine.  Extra crystals may also be placed around you while you lie on a treatment table fully clothed.  The effects could be immediate or develop over time. This will depend on your degree of openness to receive these healing vibrations.  

The same concept works with Sound Therapy. More on that in the next blog!

When pain just won't stop despite all your efforts, or when emotional issues keep coming back to disturb your peace, consider a CRYSTAL THERAPY session to lessen the hold they have on you and that keep your mind and body tense. 

Let's clear the blocked energy in your body so that all systems can flow in wellness . Take advantage of the promotion that lasts until May 31st, 2022.

Besides being a certified and licensed senior massage therapist, Mina is certified  as a Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Therapist, Sound Healing Facilitator, and Space Energy  Cleansing Specialist

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